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"The year is 1965. The prestige of America and the value of the American dollar are both riding high.

  At the small sea-side restaurant in Greece, where Kostas works, most of the clientele consists of merchant mariners, who spend their time talking about the exotic places they visited and the exotic women they’ve known, and retirees; some of them from America, who get their pension in dollars and lord it over everyone else.

  These pensioners say that the minimum wage in America is set by the government, is one and a quarter dollars for one hour’s work. Almost the same pay for the full day’s hard labor Kostas is putting in his kitchen. And, over there with a few dollars down-payment, anybody can buy any kind of car they want, they say. And they also say that the women over there are running after the men like cats after a fish monger.   

  To the ears of twenty four-year-old Kostas all this is like the song of the Sirens, beckoning him."

To be envied and looked-upon with admiration, to be remembered and talked about by the generations that will follow.

After living in America for many years, Nikos Pilios returns to the village where he grew up only to discover he lacked these important elements of success.

He conceives a scheme by which he will remedy that situation and upon his return to the States he sets forth to carry out his unique plan.

Right from the start he finds out that everything looks easier from the safe distance of noninvolvement. Every day brings a new danger, a new joy, a new hope for the accomplishment of his goal.


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