Theodore Pitsios' Works

With his brother's words permanently etched in his brain, Kostas, was a headstrong Greek merchant seaman, jumps ship in America, determined to prove his brother and all the others like him wrong. Though one among the thousands of illegal immigrants pouring into the country, striving to make it while dodging the long tenacles of immigration enforcement, he's certain his skill, his resourcefulness, and Providence will work in his favor. 

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   "The year is 1965. The prestige of America and the value of the American dollar are both riding high.

   At the small sea-side restaurant in Greece, where Kostas works, most of the clientele consists of merchant mariners, who spend their time talking about the exotic places they visited and the exotic women they’ve known, and retirees; some of them from America, who get their pension in dollars and lord it over everyone else."

   "To be envied and looked upon with admiration, to be remembered and talked about by the generations that will follow.

   After living in America for many years, Nikos Pilios returns to the village where he grew up only to discover he lacked these important elements of success."


"This [...] is another piece of the Alabama mosaic, Pitsios captures [...] both the culture of the Greek-American community in Mobile and the rapidly changing life back in the Greek village.

Don Noble - Alabama Public Radio


"I'm glad to be among the first to report that this luminous tale surpasses my hopes. I congratulate him. And you, the reader, on the journey you are about to undertake"

Tom Franklin - author of Poachers, Hell at the Breech & Smonk

"A zesty novel that paints a full canvas of the life of the port of Mobile and Mobile's well known Greek community. Entertaining, spicy, sardonic, skeptical, nostalgic, full of life, and as realistic as only the Mediterranean worldview can be"

Franklin Daugherty - Mobile Press Register