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Historical Fiction by Theodore Pitsios


Refreshingly forthright stories

that bring new insight

into the immigrant experience

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"The search for a better life is something all immigrants share and reading a novel like Pitsios’ Walking in the Light reminds us of the often untold stories of struggle that our ancestors tried to shield us from in the past but in fact enrich our understanding of what it means to be the descendants of immigrants."

~ The National Herald

"This [...] is another piece of the Alabama mosaic, Pitsios captures [...] both the culture of the Greek-American community in Mobile and the rapidly changing life back in the Greek village.

Don Noble - Alabama Public Radio

"I'm glad to be among the first to report that this luminous tale surpasses my hopes. I congratulate him. And you, the reader, on the journey you are about to undertake"

Tom Franklin - author of Poachers, Hell at the Breech & Smonk

"A zesty novel that paints a full canvas of the life of the port of Mobile and Mobile's well known Greek community. Entertaining, spicy, sardonic, skeptical, nostalgic, full of life, and as realistic as only the Mediterranean worldview can be"

Franklin Daugherty - Mobile Press Register

"An immigrant narrative and vivid period piece, this book follows one man's odyssey as he struggles to redefine the meaning of home." ~Eleni N. Gage, author of North of Ithaka and Ladies of Managua, among others

Eleni N. Gage - author

North of Ithaka, The Ladies of Managua & others

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